Listen to Eri ife’s “Everyone knows” featuring Jinmi Abduls

Eri and Jinmi turn out to be complimentary matches on track that’s just quite a regular love song.

There is a certain rawness you’ll find in “Everyone Knows”, the same you’ll find when Eri Ife or Jinmi Abduls sing.  “Everyone knows” builds effortlessly and feels like an untouched and genuine complimentary match of two of Afropop’s most promising for a track that’s just quite a regular love song.

While Jinmi’s contributions are limited to a short second verse, his energy and lyricism underpins the goodness of the track. When he utters “A pon pe ko re o”, it feels like a yoruba incantation, chanting or beckoning to that pretty girl whom they want to reach out and touch. When he’s done, he provides vocal harmonies that feel like distant voices coming from the other end of a telephone. Eri ife still takes much of the spotlight though. His persona on his new track, plays like a character who is never subtle. The proposition is, how can everyone be knowing and just be on top your matter. But that’s the thing about love, isn’t it? There’s some glow and demeanour that comes with loving a person, and Eri ife doesn’t hide it. If you’re going to spend so much time in your head constantly musing about how a person makes you feel, you might as well share it.

Bump “Everyone knows” produced by Sir Bastien below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@Eri_ife

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