It’s YCee’s birthday but his new video for “I Wish” is dark and broody

But there's a pleasant surprise at the end

When “I Wish” was released in November last year, YCee’s emo most resembled a solo cavalry charge with his hard hitting, rapid-fire bars aimed at the critics of his pop sensibilities. Coming at the tail of MI’s similarly charged “You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives”, YCee’s energetic performance coupled with specific lyrics like “A Flow Like This, I Swear Your Faves Never Heard/I Know Why They Mad/ Chics Digging Me”, the context for “I Wish” remains intact even when played on radio or on DJ sets.

Visionniare Pictures Film directs the video for “I Wish” in a minimalist set that captures YCee performing his lines with only the camera as witness. The filters, lighting and smoke effects give the images a psychedelic hue as YCee changes from a white top to an all black get up before he’s seen bare-chested. Though AT makes an appearance in the video, for the most part, YCee is shown by himself while a samurai practices some kicks as if to emphasis the underlying rap battle theme.

Watch the video below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/YCeeVEVO

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