Oluwabawa shows us his pop sensibilities on “Distance”

Next big hit? Just maybe.

There are many specific creative quirks that differentiates Nigerian made pop from the rest of the offerings from the pop universe. For one, there is an preference for a lush underbelly of ambient sounds, often sourced through the extensive use of synths. Then of course the ever present mid to up tempo percussions (Nigerians do not play with their groove), and a that quick four count melody, expressed either with a schlocky piano, a heavy bass or a jangly electronic synth. Then of course there are themes of parties, love, sex and the vicious of cycle of pursuing, having and losing all three. Singer OluwaBawa’s catalog ticks all those boxes. As does his new single “Distance”.

Since he put out his debut single, featuring Odunsi and Brisb of LOS for extra star power, he has consistently middling pop confessions that kept him on the radar but never quite breached the surface. “Distance” with its tinny percussions, digitally augmented verses and undeniable instrumental might be the one to change that. Sure the themes are radically different from what we’ve come to expect but Oluwabawa’s delivery is near flawless and “Distance“s hook is catchy as hell. You should probably add it to your party playlist already.

Listen to “Distance” here.


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