Watch “Baby Na Yoka” the first video off Flavour’s ‘Ijele’ album

Mr N'bania is already rolling out visuals from your new favourite album.

Flavour’s Ijele album dropped earlier this week and the high-life singer is already rolling out videos from the LP to signal boost the project. “Baby Na Yoka”, the first video off Ijele is a palette of bright colours, the sunny outdoors and of course Flavour’s whining waists. “Baby Na Yoka” is as typically Flavour as any song can get, given that we’re all aware the only thing Mr N’abania likes more than making food related analogies of beauty, is coming up with a multiplex of ways to describe the female body.

Ijele has succeeded in restating Flavour’s purpose as connoisseur of the kind of organically built African music electronic sounds and auto-tune have replaced. Despite the Caribbean influences “Baby Na Yoka”, Flavour retains his cheeky demeanor, and subtle tendency for sensuality.

As more visuals from the album get rolled out, perhaps there will also be a glimpse of some of the album’s even stronger points.

See the video for “Baby Na Yoka” below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@2niteflavour

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