Listen to Ibeyi’s haunting new single “Lost In My Mind”

An elegy to the spirits that haunt our minds, bodies, and souls.

French Afro-Cuban twin-sister duo Lisa-Kainde and Naomi Diaz also known as Ibeyi have laid relatively low since their appearance in Beyoncé’s global event Lemonade“Lost In My Mind” is their first studio release since their self-titled debut project back in 2015. The new single has been part of their touring set since 2015 and it was featured in a French comedy Ouvert La Nuit.

On “Lost In My Mind” Lisa-Kainde sings about loss and loneliness on empty streets with a voice heavy with longing yet warmed with happy memories. The song intensifies with every second as electronic and percussive elements merge to serve as the backdrop for her vocals. Lisa’s refrain, “That’s what happens when I’m lost in my mind,” begins each verse, less a chorus than a reminder that prefaces her tortured dreams that follow. She ends on a chilling note with a warning not to get lost in your mind.

This welcome offering follows their minimalist trend set by their debut album. There’s still no news yet about a release date for their sophomore LP, but we’re looking forward to what they have in store.

Listen to a cut of Lisa-Kainde’s haunting voice on “Lost In My Mind” via Spotify below

Featured Image Credit: ibeyi2/Instagram


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