Odunsi’s “In The Morning” is a toe-tapping ballad to one-night stands

A long-awaited video is here

Writing romance-themed dance music started sometime in the medieval period, most likely by some noble soul who wanted to ruin parties or something. Since then, we’ve had many awful and universally loved confessional songs people can’t help but dance off-rhythm to. Odunsi’s latest release, “In The Morning”, is just the latest in the endless list of jams riding the groovy wave while detailing dramatic relationships. However, his decibel-based entertainment is just the right fit for parties as is captured in the Andy Madjitey directed video.


Like the high of midnight hitting with the same heat of midday sun, Odunsi’s “In The Morning” is wistful without being saccharine. While he gives a play-by-play run-down of how he ended up with what seems like a one-night stand, the catchy Caribbean influenced beat Chkwdze and Higomusic produce with piano baselines, clap samples, guitar riffs, synths, and drums are charming. He admits pure carnal urges; “I’m Trying To Get You In The Meanest Ways” that give the impression that he’s trying to get down and freaky with the sort of nasty things that leave the sheets sticky—a sentiment frequently shared on the dancefloors at parties.

The Andy Madjitey directed video for “In The Morning” is set at a party where Odunsi is seen having a good time before catching the eye of a love interest and eventually making contact. Though the lyrics seem passive enough and perfect for clubbing, the video captures the more disturbing undertone. Opening with Odunsi looking dejected on the floor with a bottle by his side and following that with a rewind logo that ushers in the partying, Odunsi seems to have gotten what he wanted but isn’t satisfied or overly ecstatic about it.

Taken together, “In The Morning” is lighthearted with just enough of context to make it stick. A perfectly competent formula for pop music; A song to turn up to at the club, sing at the top of your lungs in the shower and quietly lip sync on your way to work.

Watch the video for “In The Morning” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/OdunsiTheEngineVEVO

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