Frank Ocean covered Steve Monite’s disco hit from the 80’s and we’re losing our shit

Get ready to bop to this.

It really does feel like 2017 is the year of the Nigerian music star. Our music is inspiring everyone from Drake to Rita Ora to Frank Ocean and many of our local afropop stars are scoring their first and second collaborations with international stars. But it isn’t just our contemporary pop stars that are reaping this benefit of the sudden interest in Nigerian music. Many of our vintage disco and funk stars  from the 70’s and 80’s are seeing their music see a new resurgence. Take for instance the Lijadu sisters, William Onyeabor and now Steve Monite.

Move aside afropop, you’re not the only african genre making waves in 2017.

Steve Monite, The 80’s Disco star  who released an EP in 1984 called “Only You”, enjoyed moderate success internationally but fell into obscurity in Nigeria and elsewhere, that is until the label under which he released music decided to do a digital reissue in 2017, which is probably why reclusive pop singer Frank Ocean discovered him. However, Ocean liked the album so much, he did the rare cover/performance of the song at the 2017 FYF Festival, one of the few he has done since he released his latest album, Blond.

Talk about star quality.

To check out Monite’s EP for yourself and maybe even buy a digital copy, go here. 


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