Essentials: Ayüü’s ‘Mango Juice and Bad Decisions’

A medley of songs from the '00s, re-purposed to the relaxing warmth of beach parties

After giving us two projects, H. E. R. (His Emotions Recorded) and ØÜ by ØÜ, last year, the Abuja based singer known as Ayüü has released Mango Juice & Bad Decisions, a 4-track EP, where he continues his emotionally rending vocal performance over densely layered and meticulously produced instrumentals. The romantic direction of the project is quite straightforward, revolving around complicated relationship woes that happen often, but it exemplifies why Ayüü’s projects are so outstanding, creatively ambitious and unafraid of embracing the nostalgia that 2000 pop music offers.

Mango Juice & Bad Decisions opens with “00 Nostalgia”, a mid-tempo lo-fi track with ambient synth production credited to Benny Que & DOZ. The atmospheric instrumentals set a beach party mood heard all through the rest of the EP. Although Ayüü’s verse samples lines and melodies from Sinqo’s “Thong Son”, he infuses his personality by singing of the things his love interest’s good looks is doing to him. The featured artist, Andrè Wolf, performs a rap verse to complete the song’s wistful intentions.

For “In2 Ü”, Ayüü continues to reference pop classics to perform his confessional love song, backed by a bouncy beat produced by Jaylon and Higo. “In2 Ü” doesn’t feature any guest artist, but Ayüü’s impressive vocal range is highlighted through his array of layered voices, rapping, hitting a falsetto and singing his own back up. “Teyana” featuring PyschoYP finds Ayüü convincing a love interest he’s worth her attention, but with the mix of samples from Westlife, Craig David’s “7 Days” and Wizkid’s “Wiz Party”, the track seems to document the strain of being stuck in a limbo with someone you love.

“Pull Up”, the last track on Mango Juice & Bad Decisionstakes a more showy direction as Ayüü performs over a party beat Jaylon and Higo produce with sweeping synths, string riffs and a catchy drum pattern with head bumping high-hats. Ayüü sing raps in a more baritone voice than we had previously heard through the EP as he brags and threatens his oppositions. It’s an aside from the rest of the project which listens like a medley of songs from the ’00s, re-purposed to the relax warmth of beach hangouts.

Stream Ayüü’s ‘Mango Juice & Bad Decisions’ below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/ayuu_safi
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