“End of the F**king World” is the newest Netflix show you should absolutely watch

A coming of age of age Bonnie and Clyde rendition

For fans of the twisted gory-crime, romantic-comedy dramas, Netflix’s “End of the F**king World” miniseries is a really-really late Christmas gift from us at NATIVE. The eight-episode long UK series is adapted from a graphic novel by Charles Forsman with the same name. And it displays all of the fascinations of indie movie buffs; Quirky characters, cool shots and a pretty impressive soundtrack

The three-hours-long series follows James (Alex Lawther) and Alyssa (Jessica Barden), two dysfunctional 17-year-olds in a small English town. James is a self-diagnosed psychopath trying to move up from killing animals to killing humans. He meets Alyssa, a seemingly angry teenager who is attracted to him for his overall weirdness, and he thinks she might be perfect for his first murder. Both form an unlikely pair and eventually skip town together. The decision marks the beginning of a pretty scary journey for the teenagers as they encounter dreadfully circumstances showing how unsafe the real world is for teenagers.

Alyssa and James’ similarities are revealed as the show progresses. The series is interspersed with internal monologues and what may seem like a mutual dismay for mankind is slowly revealed to be fears and repressed childhood trauma. The fact that the episodes are less than 20 minutes long keeps the show engaging and it does not get tiresome to watch.

Watch“End of the F**king World” trailer here


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