Hear Earl Jon Doe make a convincing case for putting money first on “Way Back”

A review of a lifestyle founded on trusting money, in form of a trap song

Contrary to our college convictions, the compadre we felt so strongly about did not stay for too long in our lives. And with each friend lost, sometimes it got even harder to make any real connection with other people. Fortunately, it turns out the void their absence leaves can be filled with inanimate objects and on “Way Back”, Earl Jon Doe makes a compelling case for money’s reliability.

Over the trap beat Criostd, DJ psychotune and Galactic Beatz produce, Earl Jon Doe sing raps about his lack of trust in people on his catchy hook, emphasizing that only the money has stayed with him since day 1.

His lyrics give such a vivid description of his money trusting lifestyle that while he brags about the bonuses that come with rolling with money, “You Know These Bitches Gon’ Be at Your Neck When You Got a Million Naira Chain on”, he unwittingly gives away the price that comes with it, singing, “Not Sorry If I Catch a Body”. The effect is that “Way Back” listens like a yelp review of a lifestyle founded on a trust for money, but rendered as a vivid trap song.

You can stream Earl Jon Doe’s “Way Back” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/earljondoe
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