All the details of the #EndSARSProtests happening around the world

#EndSARSProtests happening around the world

Nigerians are demanding an end to police brutality and the tyrannical reign of one of its anti-robbery units, SARS. Over the past week, protests have swept across the country in response to the unlawful killing of a young Nigerian citizen in Ughelli, Delta State. From Lagos to Imo State, Nigerians, particularly the youth are decisively and audaciously calling for the disbandment of SARS and for nationwide police reform to curtail further killings and harassment of its citizens.

The #EndSARS hashtag has resurfaced yet again, but this time around, our voices are being amplified all over the world, with Nigerians in the diaspora who have joined arms in disrupting the news cycle and causing enough noise on social media to gain the attention of the Nigerian government and international media houses. As many states in the nation enter their fourth day of protests, Nigerians in the diaspora are busy scheduling ways to peacefully iterate the efforts of their comrades in the country.

A journalist in the US, Adenike (@Deenike) has created a new hashtag #EndSARSProtestsDiaspora to simplify the process for Nigerians in the diaspora to source information on joining the protests happening in their cities. Here is what you need to know about the protests being held in Europe and America this weekend.


Protestors are being handled carelessly by law enforcers, so please be careful while you’re out. Before you find the protest nearest you, here are some handy tips for those who are going out to protest today:

South Africa

There are currently protests being held in Pretoria, South Africa in solidarity with the #EndSARS movement. You can find more information here.


There is a peaceful protest being held in London this Sunday in solidarity with Nigerians back at home speaking up against the injustices of SARS.


New York

A protest will be held in New York on Sunday at the Nigerian embassy in the city.

Those attending should please check out the protest routes below.

Washington D.C

Those in the DMV area, there will be a protest held in Washington D.C on Sunday.


A protest is being held in Toronto today and more information will be updated shortly on the Ottawa protests.


Protests are being organised in Istanbul. Please state your interest here.


A protest is being held in Berlin on Sunday.


A protest may be held on Tuesday, the 13th of October.


A protest is being held in Ghana on Tuesday.


There will be protests holding in Ajah, Surulere, TBS, Festac and Mowe on Sunday morning.




Ebonyi State


At the moment, more Nigerians in the diaspora are setting up peaceful protests through the right channels so please revisit this post for more updates this weekend. We’ll continue to update this story and share useful resources as we find them.

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