Watch Burna Boy’s video for “Heaven’s Gate” featuring Lilly Allen

Another odd Afro-fusionist work of art by yours truly

With the mythology surrounding pop music fandoms in Nigeria, it’s easy to fall into a “music for Nigerian audience” mindset, where you believe that the music made without foreign influences is somehow more sincere or more real. Though this is obviously bullshit given the music streaming culture around the world, artists like Olamide have cashed in on the indigenous currency despite releasing sometimes underwhelming projects. Burna Boy’s latest single, “Heaven’s Gate” shows yet again that he can manage just fine without the industry politicking as he features British singer, Lily Allen.

Burna Boy has promised this collaboration as part of the rollout leading up to his upcoming project, Outside for a minute. While there have been thematically fragmented releases like “De Ja Vu” and Gba from the series, tracks like “Streets Of Africa” and “Sekkle Down” have followed the same colourful art and subject matter. Lilly Allen’s supporting cast role on this “Heaven’s Gate” is subtle, but a literal compositional genius work of art when she contrasts to what is easily Burna Boy’s hardest nostalgia-influenced deliveries till date.

Burna Boy’s ability to blend his style and sound with others is exemplified in the video for “Heaven’s Gate”. Burna Boy is shown in a saloon, in a kitchen, in a home with kids and on a corridor performing the song along with Lily Allen. You can watch the fun video below.

Stream “Heaven’s Gate” via Apple Music below

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