Boyewa’s new single, “Ur So Baby, What Is U Say’n” is as unconventional as the title suggest

Unrepentantly peculiar and beautifully so

Boyewa’s music has always been unrepentantly peculiar. His apparent disregard for publicity, and choice of mumble melody also highlights how unapologetic he is about his craft. But even so, his latest offering, “Ur So Baby, What Is U Say’n” is a more overt affirmation of his defiant music—particularly in the case of  song tags.

Previous singles like “Blood On The Flo” and “Sunday Night Raw” already established his penchant for weird sonic experimentations but “Ur So Baby, What Is U Say’n” also shows his placid attitude towards the conventional. The “Demon” tag he placed on the Soundcloud release could either serve to scare away the unadventurous or pull more listeners, but like the song’s title, it very unlikely that very much thoughts went into the tag.

“Ur So Baby, What Is U Say’n” bears all of Boyewa trademark touches, from his laid back melodies and bounce-bop drum samples that drops at the shout of “Pa!” to his lackluster vocals that may or may not be trying to communicate some important feeling. The guitar led number starts lightweight and calm but the evasive chorus receives a burst of energy that suggests anger—though it might as well be triumph, the title’s questioning outlook edges towards confusion.

Stream Boyewa’s newest single, “Ur So Baby, What Is U Say’n” below.

Featured Image Credits: Soundcloud/boyewa

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