Yung L’s “Cheers” Can Turn Your Monday To A Weekend

Cheers to the freaking monday, we'll drink to that , yeah yeah!

My favorite wise saying, “No reasonable person likes Mondays” is not popular. Well, mostly cause I just made it up but also because lately, it has gotten really attractive to be different. Really though, Mondays can be a cup of piss when weekends get really busy from a social calendar swamped with events and barely any breathing space. When you eventually get around to having fun, you sacrifice the time that should have been spent resting. And since it’s obviously not our fault, Monday gets the blame for our lack of rest through the weekend. But while we wait for a proper politician to come help us negotiate the length of the weekend, Yung L seems to have some adventurous ideas on the weekend.

Music’s ability to set moods is amplified on Yung L’s latest release “Cheers”. TUC produces the lively Afropop beat with trumpets, piano riffs, synth sounds and a drum baseline. The theme of the song is easy enough to get from preppy synth sounds that give the song a turnt Caribbean atmosphere. Yung L uses this to preach the gospel that any day can be a weekend if the mood is right.

“We turn a weekday to a weekend. Pour the Henny in the cup. Put the Ciroc on the rocks, Put the Martel in the cup. Make we turn up in the spot”

While I won’t advise anyone to go ahead and follow his simple recipe for a good Monday, I can definitely get behind his message of making the most of every opportunity to have a good time. Also I don’t think the weekend gets the appreciation it deserves. “Cheers” is catchy and will feature at parties with the same vigor that Mo’hit’s “Pop Something” did.

Listen to Yung L’s “Cheers” below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/yunglmrmarley

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