Listen to Shaykeh’s raunchy new single, “All Night”

Soundtrack dimly lit nights at dance clubs

After introducing fans to her Afro-fusionist take on the popular sound with her “Till the Morning” debut last year, Shaykeh is finally releasing a follow-up track, “All Night”. Having tackled the subject of toxic relationship on her last song, the new single finds her admitting her raunchy feelings, and for a Yoruba person, no less.

“All Night” is hazy, set to the lightweight ambience of synth percussions, mid-tempo drum riffs, layered vocals and samples of natural sounds like bird chips. Teemix produces the breezy track which Shaykeh rides for her confessional lyrics, channelling her sexual urges to deliver a bop to soundtrack dimly lit nights at dance clubs. Singing “Baby lets have fun tonight/ Let me show you how we ride”, she takes her listener to the final golden hour where all inhibitions are discarded for the more lustful sensibilities.

You can stream Shaykeh’s “All Night” single below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/shaykssss

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