Watch the video for Falz’s “La Vira Bahd Guy” here

Off his third studio album, 27

The video for “La Vira Bahd Guy”, revives Falz’s ’27’ project. On “La Vira Bahd Guy”, Falz is offended by a woman who turns him down by rightfully asking, “Na you go first make am?” after he attempts to entice her with his riches and credentials. Falz’s rapid switches—from different accents, to his comical persona, to french—seems to convey his nervousness as he tries to convince her of his authenticity “Je Suis le vira bahd guy (I am the real bad guy)”. As if to further emphasize the array of negative feelings that often accompany rejection, MEX directs the video for “La Vira Bahd Guy”, opening with a panicked plane scene. As Falz sing-raps lines about why the woman is crazy for rejecting him, we see him go from the tight plane situation to scenes set on backdrops of blue skies and parks with cars and other materials he presents as proof of being unruffled by the rejection.

See the video for “La Vira Bahd Guy” below.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/FalzVevo

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