Watch the music video for Niniola and Sarz’s “Designer” hit single

Emphasizing she doesn't need her man to buy her things

Niniola always seems to be having the most fun. According to her music videos, her life is a non-stop party with colorful outfits, strobe lights, and hunk men to match her ever raunchy lyrics. Take the music video for “Designer”,her latest collaboration with Sarz for instance. Sesan directs the music video expressing just how lavish Niniola is as we watch her eating Louis Vuitton amala and drinking champagne from a Versace glass cup.

While Niniola explains her love language over the AfroHouse beat Sarz produces, the music video follows her encounter with a suitor she meets at a party. His attempt to buy her love, however, doesn’t move Niniola and she has fun, pointing out the Ferreri she has parked in the drive away among other things to emphasize she doesn’t need her man to buy her things. With the endless curves her suitor gets and her flaunting of wealth, the music video for “Designer” feels like the response to every Afropop singer, promising to win the affection of their love interest with money.

You can watch the music video for “Designer” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/OfficialNiniola
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