Watch Mr Real get romantic for his “Antidote” music video

Highlighting the sultry sentiments expressed on the song

We rode the “Legbegbe” wave with Mr Real, well into 2018 with several DJ remixes and an official remix that combined the Nigerian and South African house scenes competently with features from Niniola, Vista, DJ Catzico and DJ Maphorisa. However, his debut release for this year, “Antidote”, finds him in a more reflective state as he tries to charm a love interest with his auto-tune assisted vocals and sultry lyrics.

Cracker Mallo produces the catchy mix of synth harmonies, Afropop drum riffs, rattling samples and a Spanish guitar riff to set the romantic ambiance for Mr Real’s romantic performance. The sultry sentiments he expresses are also highlighted in the music video HD Genesis films directs for “Antidote” as it follows Mr Real entering into his lover’s mansion, where their skin is bath in the red and blue lights.

You can watch the music video below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/MrRealVEVO
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