Wangechi’s “Times Two” Is The Most Urban Funk Song You’ll Hear This Week

A perfect new single for your workout playlist

There are days when the only thing between you and your workout routine is the perfect playlist to set the mood. Personally, I always need that extra motivation before going to the gym. Plus, my short attention span means I’ll get bored mid sit-up and take a nap if there is no music to hype me up. Music is the perfect distraction from the pain yet edging you on and getting you in “The Zone” for maximum performance. Kanye West’s “The New Workout Plan” was pitched on this narrative in 2004, using absurd beat constructions like an amalgamation of vocoder, strings and hand claps.

Wangechi newest single, “Times Two” has all the qualities of a perfect workout song. She delivers confident rap bars over a jazz infused electronic funk beat. Discussing the how her hard work as a rapper has made her more famous since her debut project, Consume – Chakula Ya Soul was released. The airy synth sounds washes over the jazz beat and the Kenyan rapper’s bouncy flows makes the single listen like Jay Z’s “Excuse Me Miss”. Aside the gym inspiration attributes of “Times Two”, it’s also guaranteed to get heads bumping and feet tapping.

So in case you’re looking for that perfect song that makes you want to move while also elevating your mood, look no further than “Times Two”. The beat’s time signal is cued perfectly to keep pace with any workout plan; running, walking or lifting.

Listen to Wangechi’s “Times Two” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/wangechikenya

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