See the music video for Di’ja’s Bob Marley inspired new single, “Mr Bob”

A Bob Marley tribute

Di’Ja’s new single, “Mr Bob”, brings Reggae legend, Bob Marley, to mind in several important respects. For one thing, the song is written like an affectionate letter to a Mr Bob, catching him up on things he missed. Secondly, the Reggae dancehall influences are unmistakable with the lightweight ambiance of the beat IBK Spaceshipboi produces, mixing layers of percussion, horn harmonies, bouncy guitar licks and vocals samples. But it’s the medley where she interpolates some Bob Marley classics like “I Shot the Sheriff” and “Buffalo Soldier” that highlights “Mr Bob” as a tribute song to Bob Marley.

“Mr Bob” was released with a music video set in a bar where Di’Ja is seen wearing outfits with the Jamaican flag colors. The video is also edited with retro filters that make it easy to imagine Bob Marley in the cut of the tribute music video.

You can watch the music video for “Mr Bob” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/MavinRecords

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