Viveeyan revels in romantic utopia on new singles, “Your Lover” & “Taya Me”

(Re-)introductory singles from the former Voice Nigeria contestant

Viveeyan first captured national attention after making the top 8 of the first season of the Voice Nigeria, in 2016. Shortly after her talent show run, she’d release “The Bull’s Eye”, a statement track declaring her unwavering intent to express herself through her music. In the over two years since that song, she’s been very quiet in new music terms, until recently, with the release of two new singles, “Your Lover” and “Taya Me”.

As a (re-)introductory singles, she uses both singles to display her much improved song-making abilities, melding her delightful, punchy vocals with impressive and slightly catchy writing. Fixed on the lightweight side of the thematic spectrum, Viveeyan delivers charming sets on both songs, aimed at appreciating an immaculate lover. “My world got better when you came into it”, she sings over the slinky pianos and thumping 808 drum pattern of “Your Lover”, while acoustic guitars and EDM-type drum breakdowns adorn her fawning lyrics on “Taya Me”.

Listen to Viveeyan on “Your Lover” and “Taya Me” here.

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