Unanswered questions about Duncan Mighty’s domestic violence allegations

His statement? It wasn't me

Earlier this week, reports surfaced online accusing Duncan Mighty of assaulting his wife,  Vivien Nwakanwa, in their home in Port Harcourt over the weekend. With the support of photo evidence, the account owner who has only been identified as Vivien’s friend, affirmed that the singer left her with a swollen eye, and then “abandoned his family for Lagos”. Speaking exclusively to Onobello, the unnamed friend sent a picture, saying: “He beat her up yesterday as if she wasn’t a human being like himself and threatened to kill her. I am sending you this to show the world, let them know who he really is, what he really is behind the social media. Fake life…”


In response, Duncan Mighty released a statement addressing the issue where he neither confirmed nor denied the allegation. Instead, he tiptoed around the accusations with what he identifies as his family values saying “My Wife and Kids can’t do without their daddy” while lashing the media outlet that broke the news.


Oddly, while Duncan Mighty hasn’t fully convinced fans that he’s not culpable to the wife’s swollen eye, he has already garnered support from loyalists who agree the claims are nothing but hater-talk. In a country where domestic crimes are rarely ever reported, perhaps someone needs to be asking more questions. After all, there still no word in his statement about how his wife’s swollen eye came to be.

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