Hear Tomi Agape’s Feather Voiced Rendition On “Love Melody”

It's hard to decide which is more appealing between the song and the mere atmosphere they create

UK based soul singer, Tomi Agape has worked with several African artists from Juls to Poe, marking her place as a new addition to the long linage of female artists whose music hinges on the paradoxical power of vocals that feel like an outgrowth of a whisper. Previous releases like “Higher” and “Go There” featuring Eugy have seen her walk the careful line between the feuding impulses of contemporary R&B—deciding between focusing squarely within the genre or honoring the recent diffused and monetized blend but for her latest single, “Love Melody” her Soulful singing is undiluted.

Electronic productions by JRock gives an enchanting icy atmosphere to Tomi Agape’s sensual singing on “Love Melody”. Her love muse allows her sing with crushing emotions as she confesses her love with a longing desperation. This gives the song a vibe that suits those nights lying alone in bed with nothing but the light of your cellphone on. The production is apt for mood based music and the only thing that’s left to add to the damp throbbing beat, the synth loops and Tomi Agape’s voice is perhaps a glass of wine.

Tomi Agape has no major project out yet but we hope these recent string of releases and guest features will lead to a project soon so she can fully establish her place as an eclectic presence in the landscape of contemporary R&B.

Listen to Tomi Agape’s new single, “Love Melody” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/tomiagape

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