Essentials: 234jaydaa’s ‘Crescent Moon Collection’

234jaydaa crafts subtly stunning mood pieces anchored by her wispy, compelling vocals

Whether by accident or design, 234jaydaa’s music releases since her featured on Odunsi’s ‘rare.’ have coincided with holidays. She shared two new singles, “midnight” and “pumpkin”, on Halloween and just released her project debut, ‘Crescent Moon Collection’ in time for the Valentines day. But while her haunting performance on the previous singles seemed in line with the holiday theme, her somber new EP listens more like an ironic commemoration of cupid’s piercing affection.

If debut projects are statements of aesthetic purposes, ‘Crescent Moon Collection’ finds 234jaydaa making a convincing argument for her dream-pop style, pledging allegiance to its enchanting and melancholic sound. Previous releases had shown her penchant for the plush ambient tune, sounding as if she records music in a bubble beneath the deep sea. Her soothing aura of breath reverbs and synth melodies that burble like a water fountain shot in slow-mo give her EP its overarching shape despite features from a jazz music inclined rapper, DAP The Contract and Lady Donli.

‘Crescent Moon Collection’ is a 4 track offering of minimalist dream-pop reveries as 234jaydaa crafts subtly stunning moon pieces anchored by her wispy, compelling vocals and the airy production from Moye Ponnle and Bolu Sonola (Beaauxx). On the opening track, “tuscan sun”, Moye Ponnle creates an immersive loop of wailing synth chords with the hypnotic forward motion of a car engine, while 234jaydaa’s silky voice pieces through, exhibiting her remarkable ability to cultivate an enchanting vibe while singing about her particularly sorrowful summer. The next track, “bordeaux”, features heartfelt rap bars from DAP The Contract who tells a breakup story over lightweight jazz inspired beats.

Lady Donli assisted “nile” is one of the more cheerful cuts from the tape with 234jaydaa using her echoing wispy contrails to embracing heartbroken listeners with reassuring lyrics; “Know Tears Are Flowing But I See Your Smile”. Over the minimalist beat produced by Beaauxx, they blame ‘secret patterns’ for their situationships. The project closes with “absinthe”, a lightweight downer of fuzzy echoing synths and soft drums. Here, 234jaydaa sounds far away from mortal concerns though she sings about being confused in love with her voice emerging from the mist before disappearing into it again.

You can stream ‘Crescent Moon Collection‘ below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/234jaydaa

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