Best New Music: Darkovibes is living in the moment on “Stay Woke”
Best New Music: Darkovibes is living in the moment on “Stay Woke”

Best New Music: Darkovibes is living in the moment on “Stay Woke”

"...till the day that we fall off"

Of all of life’s most obvious uncertainties, loves thrives above all because we’re damned if we do or don’t; Darkovibes knows this best. Last year he dosed fans with “Tomorrow”, a sprawling Afropop smash about love against all odds—even if the love itself is not assured.

In the same stylistic manner, “Stay Woke” his latest single thrives on the line between loving for the sake of living and loving for the sake of loving. ‘This will fade as the day goes’, Darko sings, adding ‘I will pose here for you, all my life, cos I love how you work me’ in the next line. It’s a bittersweet imagery of undying love, in spite of Darko’s awareness of how things will end between them. But it’s no matter since he is decidedly ‘living every moment’ with casual hedonism—(this becomes even clearer on Stonebwoy’s verse)—indulging in sex and drugs till the day the relationship tips over.

Sonically, “Stay Woke” is a slow-whine bop, but its winning element is a fusion of Carribean melody with heavy bass-drops, jazz snares and electronic synths produced by Accra-based beatmaker, JumpOff. His greatest indention on “Stay Woke” is a mellow progression perfect for the underlying sensual theme that plays out in the accompanying video.

“Stay Woke” is a statement to the necessity of looking out for equal parts self-reward and beauty in every moment. Especially when it concerns matters of the heart where people are unpredictable and the rules are undefined, as in Darko’s relationship and perhaps life itself.

Listen to Darkobvibes “Stay Woke” here:

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