The Bumplist: Kiss Daniel, J Hus, Phyno, Sampha and more songs you need to hear

What we've been listening to this week at The NATIVE

Odoyewu – Minz

At the tail-end of last week, new comer, Minz released two singles, “Story”, our best new music for this week, and “Odoyewu”. Odoyewu is your typical dance floor braggadocio number, sprinkled with just Afropop fairy dust to ease to club DJ sets as a mood leveler as the night tends towards morning.

Rollin’ (feat. Khalid & Future) – Calvin Harris

In his seemingly never-ending attempt at creating the Song of the Summer, Calvin Harris drops the third single from his forthcoming album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1.  Joining the phenomenal “Slide” and the playful “Heatstroke” is “Rollin'”, with vocals provided by Khalid and Future. It’s his best outing yet.

Janet – M.T. Hadley

Little is known about the London producer whose track got played on Frank Ocean’s BLONDED Radio. But what we do know is his track “Janet” is an absolute gem. This one hits home.

Roses – Elena Ayodele

“Roses” is the lone single on the Soundcloud page of Future’s “Mask Off” flutist Elena Ayodele. This debut single by the Nigerian-American (by name) is a fusion of many seemingly random but cohesive ideas, including trap music filtered through R&B and a sax solo that sets the entire track apart from anything you have heard lately.

Feelin’ (feat Chris Adjei) – RJZ
The new afro-wave has thrived on songs like “Feelin'”, where mellow verses are rewarded with heavy drops and a hook that dissolves into a lighter shade of the instrumental. This contrast has become a hallmark for EDM-inspired sub-generes of African music and RJZ pulls off the same concept for “Feelin'”

Sensual – Kahvinya

Kenyan singer, Kahvinya recorded “Sensual” as a tribute to Yoruba river goddess, Oshun. It’s a bit of bit of R&B and Soul sprinkled with electronic experimental music. But most importantly, it’s an indicator that Africa’s most progressive are seeking for more than airplay, they’re also seeking spirituality and self-discovery.

Plottin’ – J Hus

Bouff Daddy finally dropped his debut album Common Sense, and more than anything he showed his exceptional versatility throughout the long-play. “Plottin” is reminiscent of the UK Garage days of yesteryear, and Hus adds his magic as he always does.

Sofa – Kiss Daniel
After a critically acclaimed New Era debut album, the pressure on Kiss Daniel to impress with a sophomore effort is now twice what he felt last year. “Sofa” is the first new material we’re getting from Kiss Daniel this year and it brings back a boisterous era that is quickly being overwritten by minimalist production and mood based music.

Cheers – Yung L

Picture a do-over of Rihanna’s version of her own song with the same title, strip everything away but keep the mood and purpose, add trumpets, then put Yung L in the booth. Voila, “Cheers”

Outer Limits (feat. Serine) – A2

The London MC shows out on yet another strong outing. His debut album, Blue, can’t come any sooner

Link Up (feat. Burna Boy & M.I) – Phyno

“Link Up” is one of the deep cuts from Phyno’s heavily underrated Playmaker album. Phyno runs through hard brags in his native language, with M.I supporting with light funny punches. The icing on this cake is Burna Boy, who melds it all together with the hardest bridge and hook put to microphone this year thus far.

Close but Not Quite (feat. Sampha) – Everything Is Recorded 

XL Head Honcho, Richard Russel, put together an EP with friends of the label, and the title track from Sampha is Sampha at his very best.

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