Watch The Flamboyant Video For Niniola’s “Boda Sodiq”

plays up the ambiguity of the song’s narrative

It is tempting to read a deeper meaning to the lyrics on Niniola’s latest single, “Boda Sodiq”, in light of recent, important discussions about consent. “Did you have to gbe mi l’ole (did you have to carry me home)?”, she soberly asks the song’s nominal character repeatedly. Inferring from the artwork and the details painted around that refrain, though, the song listens like the thoughts effected by continually going back to a guilty but welcome addiction.

Reflecting Niniola’s abilities as one of the most viscerally appealing songwriters around, “Boda Sodiq” also doubles as a brilliant piece of pop music, due to her charismatic cadence and the mellifluous flutter of her melodies. Kel P produces the energetic South African House beat, mixing staggering tribal drums, whirring bass and intricate guitar harmonies, rounding out the Niniola’s intention to dominate clubs from Lagos to Johannesburg.

For its newly released video, Niniola plays up the ambiguity of her lyrics, as she’s seen having a wild night out with her muse, only to flake out on him right before any actual sexual relations. As much as tricking serves as the central plot, it’s also something of a cheeky lesson in consent. To keep things focused on its commercial elements, the Clarence Peters-directed visuals also features frames of a flamboyantly styled Niniola, performing trademark, high energy dance moves in the company of choreographers.

Watch the video for “Boda Sodiq” here.

Featured Image Credits: Youtube/OfficialNiniola

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