Apex Village Shares Music Video For “W.T.T.V”

showcasing the camaraderie that binds the group, as well as its anarchic core

Abuja’s Apex Village collective has whipped up a considerable level of notoriety in the last two years, putting out a prolific stream of music releases to sate their expanding fanbase. At the top of the year, the crew put out their first collective album, ‘Welcome to the Ville’, an all-inclusive 9-track tape that scans the breadth of the posse’s exuberant poster. In support of W.T.T.V, the crew have just released the music video for the intro, title track, adding a visual component to the tape’s introductory aspect.

Set to a gummy, instrumental amalgamation of Trap and Funk, comprising appergiated guitar licks, rippling bass and slip-n-slide percussions, Psycho YP, Zilla Oaks, AYÜÜ and Marv OTM take turns delivering self-assured lyrics, heavy on bravado and braggadocio. Showcasing the camaraderie that binds the group, as well as its anarchic core, the music video AO Innovation, Kuddi is Dead, Psycho YP & Ceeander direct for “W.T.T.V” is mostly shot at a pastoral location, and through a guerrilla-tinted aesthetic. Each rapper takes turns to perform their confident lyrics, in the company of their colleagues, as well as in their own unique locations.

Watch the video for Apex Village’s “W.T.T.V” here.

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