Tay Iwar’s “Don’t Do It Issa” reflects on the struggle for emotional sanity in relationships

Blurring the lines separating love and drugs

The soundtrack for HBO’s comedy series, “Insecure” is among the many things that makes it so popular. Asides the humor and heart-wrenching drama, the carefully curated playlist aptly underscores the emotions of the characters and makes the plots and scenes that much more relatable. From Issa Rae’s sporadic freestyles to get herself pumped, to cuts from contemporary artists like Drake, Ty Dollar $ign, Vince Staples and Blood Orange, “Insecure”‘s playlist boasts of feel-good anthems and songs that address a range of romantic entanglements that help illuminate the black female experience to dazzling effect.

Titled “Don’t Do It Issa”, Tay Iwar’s latest single could almost be assumed to be an attempt to score a feature on Insecure’s playlist for next season. And given that no Nigerian artist communicates the feeling of longing like Tay Iwar does, it’s not such a reach for him. His pulsing, at-times bright seduction, veering toward soft and quiet vocals that are both bold and vulnerable make other’s attempts seem half-assed. His technique makes him more relatable and for his latest single, he’s channelling “Issa” for a song mirroring the crippling worries that come with romance.

Over the mellow beat AYLO delicately produces—with plucking guitar riffs, vocal samples, pianos and drums—Tay Iwar sings a bittersweet existential-dirge for love. Despite the short play time, “Don’t Do It Issa” is vividly romantic. While he seems to be encouraging the end of his relationship—“You’re A Demon/ I Don’t Believe In Your Vision/ Hoping That You Find A New One”—the title suggests otherwise. The nuanced lyrics and unconventional metaphors describes the struggle to maintain emotional sanity in relationships.

You can stream “Don’t Do It Issa” below.

Featured Image Credis: Instagram/tayiwar

*Update – Tay Iwar has since messaged us with the following statements: “The Song Is About Issa. The Line ‘Somedays I Don’t Know, I Don’t Even Know Myself’ is me singing from Isaa’s Perspective.”

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