Tàtásè culture’s “I bring what I love” brings self love and freedom

A woman reborn.

Over time, we’ve seen women strive to find their position of power by abandoning their feminine energy. From the ‘power suit’ becoming a beacon for women’s rights to shoulder pads that made a woman’s shape disappear, the plot has morphed and evolved like so. Somewhere along the lines though, it became about working to be taken seriously whilst wielding the innate feminine energy as a sturdy identity marker.

Tàtásè Culture’s new short film, “I bring what I love” uses a mix of African clothing, design, art and crafts, to celebrate innate femininity. Exploring an African woman’s journey to freedom, Tàtásè Culture highlights ritual processions, adornment with luxurious fabrics and the rebirth of a fearless woman, confident in her sexuality.

The African woman is a sensual being and her sensuality is a part of her power not a detraction from it. With “I bring what I love”, models in silk and lace, sheer fabrics and pastel tones, portray the woman who is at peace with her sexuality, one who loves herself so much, she would only wear the most luxurious and intricate pieces.

Watch “I bring what I love” here:

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