Suede’s “Weekend” has some good ideas for the weekend turn up

We know it's early but there's nothing wrong with keeping your eye on the price

Even the most hardworking people recognize how important the weekend is for a healthy lifestyle; it’s the perfect time to kick back, reminisce on days passed and plan for the future. Though let’s face it, after spending so much time grinding for a paycheck, the only way to truely make up for the stress is to turn all the way up on work-free days. Countless songs have been written and dedicated to that two-day break when we’re free to do whatever the hell we want and Suede’s “Weekend” is the latest update to the jovial and carefree experience.

Bond produces a mid-tempo piano led beat that gives Suede’s “Weekend” an atmospheric ambience to mimic weekend’s laidback . The mellow tune though is catchy with repetitive melody, stays clear of upbeat harmonies. Plus with his pseudo-romantic narrative, we get the impression that Suede’s idea for a perfect weekend is to escape into a lover’s arms; “Girl I Want To Wake Up With You On A Saturday”.

However, not to be inconsiderate to single folks who can’t “Make Love All Weekend”, he has other suggests too; “Be Fucking High On A Weekend”. Regardless of the difference between the two, they’ll both help unwind from the stress of the week.

We know the weekend doesn’t start till you clock out on Friday, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping your eye on the price. You can indulge with Suede’s “Weekend” below to take your mind off that 9-to-5.

Featured Image Credits: Twitter/Suedeoff

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