Tonero is back with “Thunder”, his first single of the year featuring Trill Xoe

A smooth radio-friendly Afropop bop

Afropop has gone through drastic changes in texture and composition in the last three years. These days, it’s not so odd to hear songs that sound like familiar whine-friendly Carribean music meets a mix of classical synths, EDM and some other fringe sound you have probably never heard before in your life. Take Tonero’s latest single, “Thunder” for example; the track opens with steelpan drums segueing into a baseline steeped in synths. The drums are neither soft enough to sound purely electronic, yet there are no major bass drops to disrupt the smooth flow of the arrangement.

“Thunder” is a radio-friendly Afropop number lined with themes of love and everyday strife, plus a mix of melody and concept, that continues to surface on some of the best releases of 2019, from Burna’s “Dangote” to Santi’s “Sparky”. “Thunder” is not so much a war cry as it is a promise of Tonero’s impending and unavoidable takeover. If any doubters still exist, this new single is a chance to reconsider.

Stream “Thunder” below