Listen to Teffy’s “Upside Down”

Hint; the 'upside down' is a party in Teffy's universe

Every artist hoping to attain mainstream success knows to target party audiences, but very few do it as pointedly as Teffy does on his new single, “Upside Down”. After featuring BOJ on his similarly festive but sneakily distressing last single, “Girate”, he seems to have slowly worked up the courage to ditch the weighty themes and focus on his groovy sensibilities.

Singing “All that work and no play/ Make us dulling everyday/ Can’t be dulling everyday/ We dey order everyday”, Teffy’s primary concern is capturing the party ambience. He throws in a few lines for his romantic muse, but they are too offhand to be taken seriously outside the four walls of the party’s venue. His dedication to keeping the party lit also sees him sharing production credit for the laid back yet tuneful beat GMK engineers for “Upside Down”.

You can stream Teffy’s “Upside Down” below.

Featured Image Credits: Twitter/OfficialTeffy1
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