Songs Of The Day: New Music From Rema, Victony, NSG & More

the ultimate playlist for a boppy weekend

We’re more than halfway through 2022, and it’s been an eventful year for Afropop. There’s been a torrent of great new music, spawning a massive stack of inventive smash hit songs. From Highlife-infused Ghanaian pop, to the unrelenting force that is Nigerian street-pop, to South Africa’s indomitable Dance scene, to tantalising Drill explorations in East and Central Africa, and much, much more, we’re living through abundant and musically expansive times.

Every week, many songs from African artists make their way to digital streaming platforms, and wading through them can be intense. That’s where The NATIVE’s Songs of the Day column comes in to help. We go through as many new releases as possible, spotlighting them here, two to three times every week. This Friday, enjoy new music from Rema, T.I Blaze, 1Da Banton, WurlD and more. Dig In!


The more WurlD sings, the more he reveals the motivations and anxieties of his heart. The blue-haired electro-soul savant describes his latest record “Free” as an unbounding of the mental shackles that’s held him this year, collaborating with the talented producer Major League DJZ to bring the vision to life. Vulnerable as it is groovy, the production pairs a melancholic whistle with the rolling drums, varying the emotions present on this one.


For a while now NSG have presented a versatile style which is inspired by the sounds of Africa and the United Kindgom. Their preference for bold records with colourful beats burnishes the credo of “Nyash,” which is the group’s freshest drop. Calling the legendary figure of Giggs to the party, they unfurl hilarious tales centered around the body part which forms its title. “Just because you get nyash, you wanna spend all my current and savings,” they sing on the unforgettable chorus, revealing an understanding of Nigeria’s everyday lingua.


“Sugercane” being one of the biggest Afropop songs since last year, the profile of Ghanaian artist Camidoh has remarkably bolstered since his last showing. On “Slow” he continues to chart broader seas in the scene, collaborating with Magixx for a mellow record on record. “Baby imma put you on a codeine vibe, I’ll take it slow,” they sing over bubbly production, their inflections every bit as suggestive as the lyrics hint.


Glittering synths are a dominant feature in Hermez’s records, and this stretches the vision even further. The soulful Tim Lyre constructs the record’s other part, both artists painting a picture of a posh lifestyle while searching for even more resonant thrills. “Need somebody, can’t f**k anybody,” sings Hermez in the record’s latter parts, gliding over the beat with an eccentric’s assurance.


While he’s mostly known for his vivacious raps, Abuja-based rapper Detailmadeit also knows how to hold a groove. A fine example is “Love Me Like You Do,” a maximalist record which sees him flaunt his singing skills. It allies beautifully how he’s crafted an energetic song which soundtracks a feeling that’s famously suffused with highwire emotions.


Fresh off a cosign from DJ Khaled, French producer and DJ Stany has released his debut record. “Only You” calls up the hitmaking prowess of Rema and Offset, combining Afropop’s percussive rhythms with string patterns born from of French and Latin sonics. Much to Stany’s credit, the fusions are handled incredibly well and the artists, especially Rema, hits this one home. With colourful visuals establishing it’s prospects for the dancefloors, there’s no doubt this romance-filled bop will catch on sooner than later.


On his just-released EP ‘Intentions,’ the Nigerian musician Troms investigates love. His alert vocals rouse old fears and contemporary discussions, floating over the striking mid-tempo palette of the project. Although full of gems, there’s an inner vibrancy which lights up “My Head,” where he admits to the submission that comes with loving someone. “She dun nack me juju,” Troms sings in the song’s refrain, accompanied by deft layering of drums and twangy guitars.


A glaze of sunlight over determined eyes: the cover of “Twofaced” foreshadows its youthful, focused energy. Over Kudi-esque hums and drums inflected with Trap elements, Begho and Zilla Oaks unfurl lyrics which make for a very memorable rap song. With beat switches and vocoder effects featuring among the song’s two-minute runtime, there’s no doubt its novel elements with appeal to rap heads from these parts, and maybe beyond.


When Higo gets into his Afropop bag, he creates very immersive beats. “Hello” benefits from that expertise, co-helmed by Maradona. The mood is that of a party starter, boppy but not quite fully explosive, which is a terrain Higo knows how to pull off. Another layer that makes this record interesting is the Fuji-streaked tone of the singer, a natural extension being the catchy adlibs which make up its closing seconds.


Known for his immersive collaborations, DJ Voyst is here again. This time he’s joined by Victony, a musician whose art has resonated with more people than ever over the course of 2022. On “Based On Analysis” he explores the sensual path he’s made a name in, utilising his famous trick of colouring religious hymns with sultry intent. The record is also produced by Magicsticks, and he embeds his distinct Amapiano flavour to carry the svelte tones of Victony craving companionship.


Ever since scoring a global hit with “No Wahala,” the Port Harcourt-bred musician 1Da Banton has moved with admirable deliberation. He’s toured several European countries, and on the music front has teased a new record. Now here, “Ego” follows in the groovy direction of his previous songs. His vocal delivery is however more confident than he’s ever sounded, an assurance which pours into the record’s theme of opulence.


Street Hop phenomena T.I Blaze has been on a prolific streak. He’s now added to his growing cache of emotionally-aware songs with “Lock Up,” a record produced by Niphkeys. The beatmaker’s signature drum flourishes are present, but it’s T.I’s singing which catches you. “Living my life with no regrets, somebody pass me my cigarettes,” he sings on his first verse, running through details of romantic life while maintaining perspective on his journey and how far he’s come. A very accomplished record, this.


A pristine Highlife flavour suffuses this record. The Anambra-born musician no doubt had the experiences of his childhood influencing this one, casting his sonic ambitions into the rich field that is traditional music. Packed with percussions, guitars and background vocals, “Eyin” is every bit of a party record coloured with a lot of soul. It’s a combination that surely works, so you might want to look out for this particular artist.


After teasing the ‘Alter Ego’ project for a while,the producer Yimeeka is finally here with you. This balmy record features R&B purveyor Joyce Olong who paints affectionate images over stirring, somber production. With the writing exciting with its turns of phrases, Olong’s luminous vocals brings this home. When the record wraps up its dilemma into the satisfying promise of its chorus, you’re instantly brought into the dreamscape of memories and longing for the peace of communion.