Songs Of The Day: New Music From Moliy, Tim Lyre, Juls & More

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After the many wins forged by Afropop last year, the musical landscape has never looked more promising. As such the fast and furious pace of new music releases makes it hard to keep track of all the good music coming out of Africa. That’s where our Songs of the Day column comes in.

We’re doing the work to stay on pulse with all the music coming out from across the continent and beyond, bringing you exciting songs of tomorrow: today. Last weekend, we brought you new releases from Rema, Preyé, Nasty C, Basketmouth, L.A.X, Barry Jhay, Djaji Prime and more. To begin the new week and celebrate Valentine’s day, get into these new releases from Tim Lyre, Bucky Raw, Juls, dndSection and more. Enjoy.

Moliy – “Love Doc”

After her awe-inspiring performance on Amaarae’s “Sad Girlz Luv Money,” Moliy has stoked fans’ anticipation for new music from her. With the new year in sight, many listeners are already clamouring for an album from the singer, who has recently begun the year with her first offering titled “Love Doc.” Over the romance-inflected tune, Moliy sings about a love interest who she can’t seem to get off her mind during a wild night out in town. “I need the love doctor right now, think I need you by my side,” she quips on the song’s sticky-sweet hook, inviting listeners to conjure their own images of their romantic interests.

Tim Lyre – “Hubris” ft. Lex Amor

Continuing in his sonic brilliance laid down on earlier releases, Tim Lyre delivers yet another gem to the world. “Hubris” is a slow-burning soothing track that pairs Tim Lyre’s brassy vocals with memorable production.  Lex Amor brilliantly delivers a stunningly mature verse with a sensual infectious cadence, in her characteristic laid back manner. Both singer’s stunning vocals intermingle beautifully, making for a wholesome cathartic listen.

Bucky Raw – “Fine Girl”

“Fine Girl” is a head-bopping delectable number. Ace producer Mystro takes a powerful roster of sonic elements—Syncopated swaggering percussion, piquant keys, groovy bass riffs—and threads them together, end-on-end, so that the song seems to have an almost magical effect—drowning you in an ethereal soup of sonic pleasure.The beat is then populated by Bucky Raw and ace Nigerian rapper Vector’s vocals—carefree singing, heartfelt ad-libs and sure-fire raps.

Juls – “Summer In The Ends (Remix)” ft. Jas Karis & Zikoma

“Summer in the Ends” is the second track on Juls’ highly inventive and experimental 2021 album. The song is an upbeat melting pot of diverse sonic elements—Afropop, Caribbean soul music, Jazz—bookended by poetic narrations from George the poet and a host of others. On the remix, Juls swaps George the poet for Zikomo and slows the tempo of the song whilst retaining the essence of the original. Zikomo’s soothing voice brings a new current of fresh breeze to the song to create an even more mellow cathartic listen.

dndSection – “24 Days In Lagos”

If LSD was a sound, ‘24 DAYS IN LAGOS’ would be an accurate depiction of it—a chill lo-fi sound, wavy chords, pulsating waves from the strumming of a guitar. DND SECTION lays smooth quick-fire raps on the beat, talking about spending time on a beach house in Lagos, meditating and rolling ‘Jays’ until he sees clouds.

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