#SluttyGirlFears and the real reason women can’t embrace sexuality like men

The energy of wanting things to be great in bed is a slutty energy

The hashtag “Slutty Girl Fears” has received over a thousand tweets in response to a request from notable relationship blogger, Oloni.

If there’s any proof you need that even you who say it’s best to be yourself or not care about being judged, it’s in phrases as subtle as “This might sound like a weird question but…”, or “I Know this may come out a little too judgemental…” or “I know I may be judged for saying this but…”. It surfaces in small yet frequent ways. That a woman has to be constantly prompted to speak truth about parts of her sexuality, sensitivity or womanhood, pre-sheeted for fear of men and fear of being judged by fellow women, brings to the table ideologies of feminism and sexism in a romantic relationship.

To your left, are guys in general. To your right is a girl who is an innately sexual being but instead diminishes or shields herself and her desires so she isn’t labelled a slut. At some place however, are both beings who find these revelations either outrageous or outside acceptable moral boundaries. Right beneath this post, you’ll see all.

But these revelations (as such you find on #sluttygirlfears) are a swirling microcosm of uncharted futuristic territory, aiming to debunk the fear of being judged and missionary sex approaches, by stacking the odds in peoples’ own favour.

The apparent reason for this fear of being labelled such derogatory term however, is that the energy of wanting things to be great in bed is a slutty one. Telling their men what they want could lead to disrespect. But why date someone if you’re doubtful he can’t respect you? Love is respect and in respect, truth must come in.

While this tag certainly touches on gender double standards and slut-shaming, it goes without saying that some aren’t in search of love anyway, but no more than fun. It’s about satisfaction either ways.

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