Shopé Shares Exciting New Project, ‘Things We Say’

a tape suffused in warm influences

The African community in the diaspora contributes a lot to the trajectory of Afropop. Beyond providing a bubbling, paying fanbase for African acts across countries like the US and the United Kingdom, musicians creating from over there has also been inspired to reflect their roots in their sonic choices.
Canada-based Nigerian artist Shopé has released his EP, ‘Things We Say’. The six-track project encapsulates the breadth of his myriad influences, and is threaded by the concept of one’s human relationships and the power of words as a central part of that connection.
The music scene of Cadana is impressively growing to include an array of musicians, with acts like Nonso Amadi breaking out over the past half-decade to considerable acclaim. Shopé is inspired by this tradition, utilizing R&B to fine effect. Before the release of this album, he had a laidback year, putting out “Rikiki” and “Pepper Dem,” two singles which doubled down on the legitimacy of his Nigerian origin. In the colorful visuals of the latter song, he stages an interview at the beginning to flex on his fashion, smoothly using that to establish the buoyant vibe of the record.
With all the deliberation that goes into Shopé’s music and his overall presentation, ‘Things We Say’ surely has great potential to break through the ice of today’s many releases. Actually, it’s quite expected that the tape will become a solid entry in his discography, looked back upon with relish as he continues to grow his fan base.