Listen to Akinfelay find his way to the sauce on new single, “Goodvibes”

You won't find a song that mirrors the effect of "Mixing Lean and Soda" more accurately

One minute, 40 seconds. That’s the exact mark in which “Goodvibes”, Akinfelay’s new single, goes from good to great—from a nice melody to something more weighty and transcendent. Singing over the synth-based beat with throbbing 808 drums, he ushers listeners to his atmospheric and surreal universe where only good vibes are allowed.

The first half of “Goodvibes” finds Akinfelay giving pseudo-romantic introspection. But as the bass drops and the beat takes a more drowsy dip—almost like someone leaned on the rewind and slow-mo button—his lyrics become more cocky and whimsical; “You Know I Got The Sauce/ I’m Chilling With The gods”.

Listen to Akinfelay’s “Goodvibes” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/akinfelay

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