Listen to a cinematic story about “Festival Bar” by Davolee

Olamide's new progeny brings all new dramatic twist to Yoruba rap

With neither international features or recognition in the bag for Olamide, he’s spent the last few years re-reinforcing his local mainstay with music releases and (literally) sold-out concerts. His local strength has also largely kept the dredge-y Yoruba rap culture alive by keeping a keen ear for discovery of talent. His latest progeny Davolee first featured on “Pepper Dem Gang” off Olamide’s The Glory album. His time on air was short, but Olamide’s imprint, YBNL just rolled out a new single and video for Davolee titled “Festival Bar”

“Festival Bar” is a personal documentary of Davolee’s experience as a bartender at a real life bar with the same name and location. He details happenings at Festival Bar leading up to the bust of a new female bartender who was robbing the bar owner by inflating costs of drinks and pocketing the difference. The story is tightly knitted by Davolee’s grounded thug flow and slick edgy confidence without motives or morals.

At the end of “Festival Bar”, Davolee promises more stories to come. Perhaps, a short musical hip-hop drama won’t be too much to ask for. See the video for Davolee’s “Festival Bar” below