BBC Africa Eye: Sex for Grades is nominated at the 2020 Emmy Awards

Congratulations to Kiki Mordi and the BBC Africa Eye team

The nominations for the 2020 International Emmy Awards are officially in, and a host of groundbreaking news programs and up-and-coming talent have been recognised for their contributions to prime time television and news. Among those being recognised this year in the news and current affairs category is the BBC Africa Eye: Sex for Grade’s documentary, which was released last year by investigative journalist Kiki Mordi.

The documentary which puts a spotlight on the sexual harassment taking place in tertiary institutions in West Africa is infinitely important as it sheds light on the sex and gender-based violence endemic that plagues many universities in Nigeria and Ghana. Congratulations are definitely in order to the amazing team who worked on the documentary particularly Kiki Mordi who braved talking to these women despite the general attitudes towards rape culture in Nigeria and to everyone in the BBC Africa team.

You can watch the Sex for Grades documentary

Featured image credits/KikiMordi

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