See Yemi Alade in new video, “How I Feel”

R&B Yemi is coming back

The release of Yemi Alade’s third studio album, Black Magic effectively put an end to an eerily problematic “Mama Africa” era for the singer. The release of her new single, “How I Feel” may, however, point to a further healthy distancing from Afrocentrism her music has inadvertently become most known for. Despite a deliberate show of splendor unseen from Yemi Alade, “How I Feel”, doesn’t ring unlike any Yemi Alade dance number you have heard recently. However, the singer holds longer notes spliced with a vocoded instrumental bridge hinting Yemi’s return to using R&B as a baseline for her bubblegum Afropop style.

See Yemi Alade in “How I Feel” video.

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