Savy delivers powerful engaging ballad on “All I Want”

A not-so-Afropop love song

Mainstream Afropop adheres to a rather straightforward blueprint of being unadventurous and relateable. This leaves the alternative-indie scene to pull all the weight for experimental and unique themes and sounds. Savy could have taken the mainstream pop shortcut with his latest single, “All I Want” given his captivating, throaty vocal tone, his candid attitude and love incline lyrics. But instead he steers clear of the dance music obsessions and sings over a decidedly mellow instrumental produced by Heartbeats.

Sure, the theme is familiar but it’s a breath of fresh air in the sense of listening to a young artist singing about things you know they actually relate to or have a hand in. Savy isn’t focused on eccentric, jaded lyrics or building a superficial personae on “All I Want”. All he does is establish his natural singing voice and highlight his affectionate feelings towards an unnamed love interest.

Over a light piano riff that soars as synths and drums are introduced, he confesses that he’ll “Give Anything For You/ Cause You’re All That I Want.” A light backup melody can be heard playing behind Savy’s melodies, giving off a gentle tone to the piece.


Listen to “All I Want” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/savy_henry

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