Hear Ajebutter22’s charming description of romance on “Lagos Love”

A moving tribute to romance in Lagos

The warmth of the lightweight beat Spax produces for “Lagos Love”, fusing Afropop percussion with atmospheric synths is both suited for lounging on a sofa and dancing at the club. It feels like a logical conclusion when Ajebutter22 hops on the calming harmony to perform a moving tribute to romance in Lagos. His vocals amble at the most relaxed pace as he winds through an airy electronic soundscape, using metaphors inspired by the harsh realities of Lagos to describe the soothing effect his lover has on him.

Over the nearly 3-minute length of the song, Ajebutter22 reference relatable problems like traffic, power failure, fuel scarcity, bad roads and more, spinning them into charming lines addressed at his lover; “You Be Like Police Wey No Take Bribe, Conductor Wey Dey Get Change”. His album debut, ‘What Happens in Lagos’ had shown his penchant for writing songs inspired by Lagos, but “Lagos Love” is a gorgeous and clear-minded expansion as he acknowledges the the warmer memories the city inspires.

You can stream Ajebutter22’s “Lagos Love” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/ajebutter22
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