R&R Collective is calling on Lagos residents to recycle their old products

R&R Collective want to help you live sustainably in Lagos

Back in 2019, the Nigerian government joined 32 other countries in the fight against plastic when it officially banned the use of plastic bags in supermarkets nationwide in line with efforts to manage and control the amount of plastic used by its citizens. A year later and still nothing has been done about this now dormant legislation, as the country is constantly ridden with flooded roads, submerged housing areas, and uncontrollable litter.

As the effects of global warming become more threatening (we could be wiped out in a few years if practices don’t change), it has become increasingly important to focus our efforts on alleviating the effects of climate change in our daily lives; whether this is by becoming a more intentional fashion consumer and stopping the purchase of fast fashion, or recycling products like plastic that are harmful to our environment.


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Enter R&R Collective, founded by Tobi Kolawole-Olutade who are on a mission to making recycling a thing among us. The brand has become popular for its crafty use of sweet and confectionery wrapper from our childhoods such as Tom-Tom and Strawberry Splash to create unique pieces of jewellery which enhance cultural conversations on waste through food culture.

In a bid to do more for residents of Lagos, Nigeria, R&R Collective are now calling for people to positively tackle and enhance sustainable living right from the comfort of their homes. A recycling database has been created, and all Lagos residents need to do is register their interest here and begin recycling their old sweet wrappers, bottle caps, food packs, buttons, and much more. To make it a fun exercise, the brand has also set up a point system that will award points in exchange for waste collections which will then attract a variety of rewards.

This is a great opportunity to lend your contributions to a worthy cause and make your personal environment a bit more sustainable. For more information on the recycling process, please check here and register your interest here.

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