Rap song of the week: 1641 deliver infectious swag rap on “Designer”

One of the catchiest rap songs you'll hear this year

1641 is a South African rap group that only wears designer threads. Comprising Life of Niks and Mosa the Misfit, the duo kick-started 1641 in 2017 as a side project for their clothing brand, EARTH. After releasing their very first single, “Fabric”, and seeing its positive reception, Niks and Mosa began to take 1641 as more serious project, but to their credit they’ve yet to tamper with the fun-exuding, low stakes energy that pulled them into making music and attracted their first set of fans.

For their wildly catchy sophomore single, “Designer”, the pair fully embrace looseness as the underlying charm of 1641. “All of my shit designer”, they incessantly chant on the song’s hook, drilling their high fashion taste into listeners’ ears as means of intimidation and enthralment. Prioritising attitude and simplicity, their verses are succinct and self-involved in the best way possible, spawning deadpan quotables like, “please don’t touch my fabric/rocking custom EARTH, I’m lavish”.

With just two songs in their discography so far, it’s currently difficult to project where Niks and Mosa take their music to, thematically and sonically, but “Designer” is an early career-defining cut. It distils their passion as fashion auteurs into a thumping Swag Rap anthem, the type that causes speakers to quiver and compels upper bodies to shimmy.

Watch the video for Designer here.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/1641 Music

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