Q-Dot dissects the aspiration Yahoo Yahoo culture in “Apala New Skool”

The retro themed video portrays the life of an indigenous artist

As with every generation of music, what is considered fringe and street eventually makes its way into the mainstream, ‘polluting’ it at first, then subsuming to become the new respectable sound. Artists are cashing in on their street credibility, as they have always done, alluring a bourgeoisie tired of their sheltered lives and gilded cages. 9ice who some may call the instigator of this street conscious music once again started a trend with “Living Things” released last year. After he broke down the average street kid’s perception of Nigeria’s Yahoo Yahoo culture without any form of metaphorical filters or hold backs, various other artists such as Junior Boy and Small Doctor have followed in his footstep but Q-Dot’s “Apala New Skool” is more revealing than most.


The single was released back in March and while it was instant fire on the street, it didn’t quite catch on in the mainstream. But thanks to Falz’s questioning of the trend that many perceived as a shade to 9ice, “Apala New Skool” was brought to light and Q-Dot has finally released a video to maximize the spotlight.

Given how melodious his iteration of Apala music is, the single goes beyond merely promoting the Yahoo culture, he’s also promoting the Yoruba culture. The Yorubad Boi Music act dissects the reality of people on the street who are tired of their hardship and are determined to earn their living with a Machiavellian attitude. Similar to 9ice’s name dropping on “Living Things”, Q-Dot ends “Apala New Skool” giving a roll call of wealthy people from the street but it doesn’t sound out of place because it’s typical of indigenous genres to hail the rich.

HG2 directs the video for “Apala New Skool” with the ingenuous theme of the life of a performing artist. Retro outfits and props help emphasize the song’s message of the new trend of artist’s affluence using their talent. Watch the video below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/QdotOfficialVEVO

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