Eva Alordiah is caught between her lover and a side-piece on “Secret Lover”

A potential first cut from a promised compilation project

Following a short break after her first album, Eva Alordiah resurfaced in 2017 with a wave of activities; She released a song and a music video early in the year, performed at live concerts and a promised compilation project that fans still wait on till date. Eva has shown no signs of slowing down as she began the year with J20 produced “Secret lover”. She has followed the audio release with visuals, and like most of her music videos,  “Secret Lover” conveys the crux of Eva’s lyrics.

As the name suggests, “Secret Lover” is about Eva cheating on someone. Recognizing her wrong, she’d like to keep it on the low singing “Please don’t tell anybody what we do, keep it on the low”. Over drum-heavy instrumentals, she battles with indecision, not wanting to ruin her relationship with her boyfriend but can’t seem to find the courage to end the secret relationship because her lover has her “Head Wound Up”.

You can watch the video for “Secret Lover” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/evaxalordiah

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