Popcaan and Davido debut “My Story” video for the girls on the Snap

A song about making something worthwhile of the brief things

Davido is easily passable as the king of 2017 already, delivering a nimble sense of melody on “IF”, “Fall”, “Pere”, all of which have been radio friendly songs and an undeniable Jam. Davido has proven he’s hardworking and enthusiastic. Except that 2017 isn’t over yet. The man still has a lot to prove. Even as the days of his 30 billion world tour is near-ending, Davido still finds time to link up with other artists for new songs and videos. The latest is the video for Popcaan’s Song released in May, “My Story”. We saw the two tantalise us with Snapchat snippets while the video was still in works in the early days of June. Now, we’ve finally gotten it into our hands to have a go and dissect.

Popcaan and Davido make a great team. The two have a remarkably charismatic character. It’s so easy to get caught up in the elation of finding the perfect groove to collaborate on. But on “My Story” the two keep an ounce of laid back cool, which permeates the entirety of the video. “My Story” doesn’t burst with the kind of Kinetic energy we’ve seen on Davido’s three previously released hit, but it’s not limiting to its capability of become a hit as the two stick to chord progressions that don’t stray from Dancehall conventions.

The thematic concerns of “My Story” are right there in the title and it’s easy to relate with as they weave lyrics and visual aesthetics relating to Snapchat Stories. Davido’s gruff male voice bids Popcaan’s Jamaican patois inflicted lines enter, spitting a verse compelling a girl to give them their time, even if it’s for 24 hours, the time it takes for a Snap video to disappear. The video is laced with actual snap stories and alludes to dem gyals who flirt their bodies and faces on the Snap.

Here’s Popcaan’s “My Story” featuring Davido, courtesy of Mini E5 records.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Popcaanvevo

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