Watch Boogey Rap About Bad-Belle On His New Video “Matiasma”

"Observe Those Who Never Clap..." - Boogey

Boogey’s last rite for 2016 was the release of his Incognito mixtape in the third quarter of the year. To put a spotlight on the tape, he has released visuals for  “Matiasma”, a lead single off the project. “Matiasma” is produced by wunderkind Odunsi The Engine and veteran Beazy who also directed the video.

“Matiasma” references the ‘Evil Eye’, the malevolent glare from ill-wishers. The Evil Eye is a common superstition that appears in different incarnations in cultures across the world. The video starts off with a recording stating human nature is full of hate that can only be outweighed by fear.

Boogey comes in riding on the sample of “Twice The First Time” . He raps about being careful about people in general and not trusting their intentions.

Watch the video for “Matiasma” below;