Yasir’s “The Mana” blurs the lines between the foreign and indigenous

A pleasant tout of indigenous sounds

Foreign elements continue to diffuse into the Nigerian music scene, thanks songs like Yasir’s “The Mana”, fusing pacy traditional Afropop drums with Trap’s spacey synths. The hybrid beat Telz produces and Bankyondbeatz mixes and masters, create a wide-open stage for Yasir and DX to wild out, flexing their rap skills and bragging about being “The Man”. While the ad-libs and their overly aggressive lyrics carry more of trap’s hard-core sentiments, the catchy melody of the traditional drum riff makes “The Mana” listen like a pleasant touting of the indigenous sound.

You can stream Yasir’s “The Mana” here.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/looneyyasir
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